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Blackhat: FX Director's Cut - Review

Blackhat (2015) (Director's Cut - Aired on FX)

Director: Michael Mann

Michael Mann is a director known for changing his works...and changing them again...and changing them again. Sometimes, the changes are for the good of the film. Sometimes? His revisits and restructuring seems completely unnecessary. Take Mann's 2006 film Miami Vice as a perfect example of where the theatrical cut shines over the "unrated" cut of the film.

Even with Mann's hit or miss record when it comes to these alternate cuts, I found myself intrigued when I heard that he had reworked his 2015 film Blackhat.

I saw Blackhat the week it came out in January of 2015. My thoughts were that it was a good film, but not a great film. It certainly didn't reach the heights of Mann's Miami Vice or Collateral, though one could definitely see the same visual bricks from those films being used to build Blackhat. It certainly didn't deserve the critical lashing that it received, but was it up t…

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