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Savage Dog - Film Review

Savage Dog(2017)

Director: Jesse V. Johnson

Anytime I go to write a review of a Scott Adkins film, I always begin with "I will see anything that Scott Adkins is in." And it still remains true. While the era of the modern big budget action film is dying (or dead, if you ask me), the era of low budget action film is having its day. And Scott Adkins (among others) is at the head of this movement.

His latest film, Savage Dog, received a Blu-ray release in Germany earlier this month. Directed by Jesse V. Johnson, who has worked in the DTV action market for awhile now, the film follows a simple pattern: prisoner Martin (played by Adkins) fights against other prisoners during his three years in the clink. The man in charge of the prison, a former World War II Nazi officer named Steiner (played by Vladimir Kulich), allows Martin to leave prison just to get a British officer off of his back that is after Martin. And with that, Martin begins his new life in Indochina. Or does he?


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